Exclusive, luxurious formulas that repair & revitalise
The treatments from the liquid luxury collection are formulated to repair, rejuvenate and revitalise hair leaving it exceptionally soft, silky and hydrated.
Brilliant Defense

Protective shine spray

This weightless, water-resistant shine spray protects all hair types from sun exposure and environmental damage. Improves lustre, leaving hair with a sensual, luminous finish.

  • Formulated with a selected blend of sunscreens to protect from harmful UV rays and colour fading while providing conditioning benefits
  • Eliminates static and frizz
  • Adds softness
  • Quick drying, non-greasy formula
  • Spray onto damp or dry hair evenly
  • Do not rinse

Hold Level 123 4 5

Moisture Mist

Leave-In conditioning spray

A light leave-in conditioning spray that delivers moisture, nourishment and detangling benefits while protecting the hair during heat styling and from sun damage.

  • Excellent for daily use
  • Adds body, shine & maintains volume
  • All day protection for all types of hair
  • Spray onto damp hair, concentrating on split ends and damaged, tangled areas
  • Comb through, do not rinse

Hold Level 123 4 5

Inner Restore

Deep moisturising conditioner

This creamy conditioning treatment penetrates the hair shaft to help replenish natural protein lost due to environmental stress, heat styling and chemical services.

  • Strengthens the internal structure of the hair while repairing the cuticle
  • Leaves hair manageable with a silky soft texture
How to use:
  • Leave on hair for 2 – 15 minutes depending on the level of conditioning needed
  • Process with or without heat depending on level of conditioning desired
200ml $32.95
500ml $68.95
Inner Restore Intensif

Deep repairing masque

Deep repairing treatment leaves thick, coarse and severely damaged hair looking and feeling hydrated, shiny and nourished.

  • Dramatically improves the condition of hair after the first application
  • Repairs hair & cuticle
  • Prevents breakage & split ends
  • Apply evenly on towel-dried hair making sure to reach ends
  • Leave on 2-5 minutes depending on the level of conditioning needed
150ml $39.95
500ml $85.95
Moisture Lock

Leave-In smoothing treatment

A lightweight, non-greasy hair care treatment enhanced with Vitalock-6 that restores and maintains hair's ideal moisture balance.

Moisture Lock strengthens hair to make it over 7.5 times more resistant to breakage.

  • Increases shine & manageability
  • Does not weigh the hair down
  • Leaves the hair healthy and radiant
  • Divide a small amount (depending on texture, length and density) and avoid the scalp and the roots
  • Do not rinse
  • In salon use & for home maintenance
150ml $39.95
500ml $85.95

Shine serum

Non-greasy, silicone and protein serum that helps hair feel and look renewed by repairing the outer cuticle layer and helping to prevent damage.

  • Nurtures and protects fragile, dry or brittle hair
  • Seals hair and mends split ends
  • Eliminates static and frizz
  • Use on wet or dry hair
  • Use appropriate Senscience shampoo and conditioner
  • Dispense 2-5 drops into hands and apply to wet hair, concentrating on damaged ends to help protect from heat styling damage
  • Follow with Senscience styling
  • Apply 1-2 drops to dry hair
50ml $39.95

Anti-Aging masque

Moisturising anti-aging masque that intensely repairs and nourishes fragile, dry aging hair.

  • Contains natural oils for their anti-aging properties
  • Improves shine and softness
  • Protects against external aggressors
  • Distribute through clean, damp hair
  • Leave in for up to 5 minutes, rinse and style as desired
150ml $39.95
500ml $85.95
True Hue Capsules

Colour protecting treatment

Capsulated in small beads, this unique treatment helps seal in colour.

  • Protects hair from UV damage
  • Keeps hair colour fresh and vibrant
  • Helps repair the hair and porosity
  • Use appropriate Senscience shampoo and conditioner
  • Break capsule, work into hands and apply to the hair

Cuticle porosity reconstructive treatment

For severely dry/damaged hair. C.P.R. is an intensive in salon restorative treatment that repairs the cuticle porosity deficiencies by replenishing vital nutrients that have been depleted from hair.

  • Intensive two-step in salon restorative treatment
  • Fortifies, moisturises and protects hair
Step one: Porosity equaliser
  • The first step is a unique hair moisturising treatment that is absorbed to increase the elasticity, strength and flexibility from the inside out
Step two: Cuticle repairs
  • The second step is specially designed to become a substitute for cuticles that have been damaged or removed. It seals in the moisture from step 1, forms a protective layer to the hairs' surface and protects the hair
V6 Moisture Intensif

Hydrating shine treatment

In-salon, one-dose treatment to hydrate extremely dry hair.

  • Deeply moisturisers
  • Softens hair
  • Smooths hair
  • Doesn't weigh down hair
  • Each pack contains 12 x 25ml unit doses neatly packaged for in-salon use
V6 Strength Intensif

Fortifying repair treatment

In-salon one-dose treatment to replenish and rebuild weak, damaged hair.

  • Protects the hair and reduces breakage cause by styling by over 52%* after just one use
  • Helps protect the cuticle
  • Helps improve manageability
  • Adds shine
  • Each pack contains 12 x 25ml unit doses neatly packaged for in-salon use

*Against combing breakage on damaged vs. non conditioned hair