Perfect Blonde

The Perfect Blonde

Banish brassiness forever with The Perfect Blonde purple toning regime.

Blonde Purple Shampoo
The Perfect Blonde

Purple toning sulphate free Shampoo

Eliminate brassy hair and take your blonde from dull to bombshell every time you shampoo!

Utilising a special dye to beautifully tone hair, this perfect shampoo cleanses and brightens blonde hair like never before.

A sulphate-free blonde shampoo option to keep blonde beautiful and brass-free in-between salon visits.

Bring strength, shine and elasticity back into the hair with added keratin, wheat and silk amino acids with this crowd-stopping shampoo!

300ml and litre

Blonde Conditioner
The Perfect Blonde

Purple toning Conditioner

Eliminates brass and tone blondes while adding strength, shine and elasticity back into the hair!

Banish brass forever with The Perfect Blonde Purple toning conditioner.

300ml and litre

Nevo Intense Therapy
The Perfect Blonde

Seal & Protect Leave-in

Blondes may have more fun, but they don't always protect their strands throughout the day - until now!

Repair, revive and nourish blonde, silver or highlighted hair with this blonde-perfecting,
multi-purpose leave-in mist.

Provides an instant burst of moisture to hydrate and detangle strands, while optical brighteners protect and enhance blonde radiance.

The two-phase, all-inclusive formula perfects blonde hair with Chamomile to keep blondes brighter without weighing hair down.

Nevo Deep treatment
The Perfect Blonde

Purple toning Masque

The perfect weekly hair treatment for blondes because No one needs deep treatments and restoration nourishment more than blondes.

All that lightening wreaks havoc on strands, leaving them brittle and in need of some love. Well, here’s the perfect solution! This deeply nourishing weekly treatment transforms hair from brassy to sassy in less than five minutes!

Thanks to its exclusive dual violet dye system and optical brighteners, this luxurious, deeply nourishing treatment instantly neutralises unwanted yellow tones and kicks brassiness to the curb.