Bain de Terre


Create versatile, long lasting perms that provide body and bounce. Bain de Terre Naturage offers low ammonia waves that contain Sanguinaria, a natural deodoriser giving you the freshest and cleanest perm. 
Naturage 1 

Firm, resilient curls

Exothermic Perm

For Normal/Resistant Tinted Hair

Self-heating alkaline perm with the freshest, cleanest fragrance giving you firm, resilient, bouncy and long-lasting curls. 

 Virtually damage-free, low ammonia, with the freshest, cleanest fragrance.

Naturage 2 

Medium to soft curls

Acid Perm

For Normal/Highlighted/Bleached & Tinted Hair

Acid perm offers medium to soft, long-lasting waves for normal, tinted, highlift tinted, highlighted and bleached hair.

Virtually damage-free, low ammonia, acid perm that yields moderate, bouncy, long-lasting waves.